March 20, 2003


So now it has begun. So has the war porn. I feel like the media is just crying out for some bloodshed to up the ratings. They keep giving us those same static pictures of Baghdad...over and over and over again. Gross. Maybe we should all just stop watching, check out the internet every once in a while and refer to this for a scorecard.

I have great concern about the direction our country is going in. I mean, look at this idiocy or this crap.

Check out what a code red terrorist alert would probably mean.
A red alert would also tear away virtually all personal freedoms to move about and associate.

"Red means all noncritical functions cease," Caspersen said. "Noncritical would be almost all businesses, except health-related."

In completely unrelated and less important news, the (barely) playoff bound Boston Bruins inexplicably fired their coach Robbie Ftorek yesterday with nine games to go in the season. This happened just a little over a week after the General Manager gave him the dreaded "vote of confidence." Sad part is that this is the second time Ftorek has been fired so late in the season at the helm of a playoff bound team.

March 18, 2003


Conversation between two gay men sitting next to me in Bryant Park:
I think I'm getting a stiffie.