February 07, 2003

O'Reilly Tosses Off Racial Slur

Well now, Bill O'Reilly's finally made his mark. Yesterday O'Reilly interviewed (and I always use that verb lightly when I'm talking about O'Reilly) Rep. Silvestre Reyes (D-TX) on one of O'Reilly's favorite subjects, militarizing the border between the US and Mexico. According to transcripts on the Foxnews website (I did not see the actual program) during the interview O'Reilly said the following:
We'd save lives because Mexican wetbacks, whatever you want to call them, the coyotes -- they're not going to do what they're doing now, so people aren't going to die in the desert.



**UPDATE** Just let Mr. Instapundit himself, Glenn Reynolds in on the story.

**UPDATE** Apparently FoxNews has pulled the link to the transcript off of O'Reilly's page. Here's a Google cache version.

**MORE** Here's a New York Times article which mentions the incident. Here's the blurb:

Then, on Thursday night, the Fox News talk host Bill O'Reilly, used the word "wetback" as he fumbled for the word "coyote" to describe smugglers who transport illegal immigrants over the border.

Mr. O'Reilly returned a call to say: "I was groping for a term to describe the industry that brings people in here. It was not meant to disparage people in any way."

Representative Silvestre Reyes, Democrat of Texas, whom Mr. O'Reilly was interviewing when the word slipped out, said in a statement: "Of course, he didn't intend to say it. But the fact that `wetback' is a part of his vocabulary and slipped out is a clear sign of where his views fall."

February 06, 2003

Super Scary

This news article is almost like one of those email hoaxes. I can't even imagine how scary that would be. There would be no way to tell that you were the victim of this crime, except just the aftereffects. You'd think you were going insane.

The Long Arm Of John Ashcroft

Here's another article about how John Ashcroft is attempting to equalize the death penalty on a geographical level by killing more people in the Northeast. New York is now in a race to catch up with Virginia and Texas. Let's go New York!!!

Catholic Pride

Hey...I was brought up Catholic!!! Check out the wacky stuff we like to do!

Bless this post.

February 05, 2003

Magnetic Fields

On the F train tonight I saw a Hispanic woman in her fifties reading a book titled How To Be A People Magnet.

I guess the book actually has a subtitle of "Finding Friends--and Lovers--and Keeping Them for Life". I didn't see the subtitle. I was too far away.

So apparently the book tells you how to upgrade your personality to be more attractive to others. I guess once you understand and implement the system people will flock to you...like a...like a ...oh yes...like a magnet.

I've been wrestling lately with honesty. It's a tag team match. Right now honesty has me in a vicious full nelson. My arms are flailing. My breaths are short and quick. I'm stretching my arms as far as they can go.

I'm trying desperately to tag deceit on the other side of the ring.

My arms (nose) needs to be longer. A lot longer.

We're taught that honesty is a virtue. That doesn't mean it's practical. Deceit actually would kick honesty's ass right now. Deceit has a vicious sleeper hold.

There's no guarantee that everyone else will be honest. In fact, it is a guarantee that everyone else will not be honest. Apparently, honesty is its own reward. Honesty is a subject of an operatic Church of Latter-Day Saints commercial. (Who broke my window???) Honesty is soft cuddlies and a mug of hot cocoa with marshmallows.

I learned today that high school never ever ever ends. It lives on at work. It lives on in our offices. It lives on in people who have so little self-esteem that the only way they can feel good about themselves is by demonstrating that they are better than others.

I wonder if that point's discussed in How To Be A People Magnet.

Let's Talk Media

First things first. I have to get one thing off my chest here today.

At lunch this afternoon I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with fries. I got back a burger with cheese, bacon and a thick slice of ham on the bottom. And no fries.

That disturbed me. Don't know why. I've just never heard of anybody getting that. Ham and bacon together? Does this happen? Shouldn't this have set off some alarms in the kitchen when that came through.

He wants what? A thick slice of ham? Hmmm...are you sure? Ham? Bacon, I can understand, but this guy wants both bacon and ham?!?!

Now I feel better.

This past weekend I saw a very interesting documentary called Sunshine Hotel directed by Michael Dominic on the Sundance Channel. The Sunshine Hotel is a flophouse, or SRO (single room occupancy) building on the Bowery between Stanton and Rivington. Everytime Field Mouse and I walk to or from SoHo or Nolita we pass by the Sunshine Hotel. It grabs your attention for the simple reason that everything else on the street is some sort of restaurant supply store. The Bowery is a rough street. It's barren...hell it's damn spooky at times. Especially around the Sunshine Hotel. Today the Bowery is changing...in fact he whole idea of the Bowery is being altered and sold. For example, just a block down from the Sunshine Hotel lies the sparkling new luxury building humorously titled Nolita Place.

Very few people would say that the Bowery is Nolita. Most people would say that the Bowery ends Nolita. Some even call it Elita. Yes...welcome to New York. I have even heard that I live in LoHo.

If there's one thing New Yorkers know, it's that real estate brokers have a more liberal view of where neighborhoods begin and end. Or they'll do you a favor and just give your neighborhood a new name.

You don't live in Hell's Kitchen...you live in Clinton....no you live in Midtown West.

You don't live in the Lower East Side...you live in the East Village.

You don't live in Washington Heights...you live in Hudson Heights.

et cetera, et cetera

If you go to the Nolita Place website, you'll see pictures of such things like Fanelli's (which just happens to be in the smack of SoHo, at Prince between Greene and Mercer) just seven blocks west but a world away in socioeconomics. The site also has a picture of the to-go part of Cafe Habana where the beautiful people hobknob with the model waitresses just a block or so off of the Bowery.

There are no pictures of the Sunshine Hotel or the two other flophouses that are just about on the same block as Nolita Place.

The Bowery is not Nolita. It just isn't. Nolita may indeed be just a block away. But in New York, neighborhoods arguably begin and end on a block-by-block basis. Some blocks...green light, some blocks...red light.

It's obvious, however, that the Bowery is changing.

Sunshine Hotel, the documentary, takes a look at life on the Bowery through the eyes of several residents of the Sunshine Hotel. Each man has his angels and his demons. To paraphrase one of the lines of the documentary, residents of the Sunshine Hotel had to go through a lot of shit, a lot of bad things, to end up living in a tiny room at the Sunshine Hotel.

The film is showing all this month on the Sundance Channel. I couldn't recommend it enough.

On another more flippant note, there's an interesting interview with the members of the band Interpol over at Pitchfork.

As for tonight, Field Mouse and I will be at the Bowery Ballroom, crazy nasty possible work schedule permitting, checking out what could be the last New York show for the Dismemberment Plan. Word is the band might be back for one more show in NYC later this year.

February 04, 2003


28 years ago today...the Field Mouse was born.

Happy birthday.

February 03, 2003


From an information brochure I received at work today:


  • Keep the caller on the line.
  • Get as much information as possible from the caller about the bomb's location, type and time of detonation. Ask about the bomb's appearance, who is placing it and why this is being done. Listen for background noises or voice characteristics that might aid police.
  • Please refer to the Tenant Bomb Threat checklist located in the Tenant Guide.
  • Call the Building Office[...]Building Staff will notify the Police Bomb Squad.
  • Do not touch any suspicious objects. IF a suspicious object is found, call the lobby desk and clear the area. The decision whether or not to evacuate will be made by your firm, but will be based on recommendations of local authorities.

February 02, 2003

More Indie Advertisements

I was doing some dishes in the kitchen this afternoon when I heard a familiar sound emanating from the television set. Since we live in Manhattan our kitchen is obviously very close to (if not in) our living room.

I ran over to the television to see a commercial for some new Levi's jeans called Type I.

How many different types of jeans can we make, eh? Light ones. White ones. Black ones. Short ones. Dark ones. Acid-washed ones. Baggy ones. Cutoff ones.

All kinds.

Anyway, the commercial (which if you go to Levi's site they call it their "bold new ad.") was set to the song "Summer" by Mogwai. Bizarre. This song is almost six years old now. It's the first track on their first US record (which is actually a collection of singles) Ten Rapid.

It must funny to be the indie music ad guy who goes through his record collection at home and picks out something to sell jeans. Hmmm...what would help young fashionable people buy more jeans. Hmmmm...let's see...yes...Mogwai!!!

It's a kick-ass song for some KICK ASS JEANS!!! Woooh!!!



Fab Drew Friday

Happy New Year!! Chinese New Year that is. It is now the Year of the Ram.

I wonder how this affects if Marc Bulger takes over the starting role this year.

Anyway, on Friday night Field Mouse and I went for the superstar galactica double of a dinner and a movie. The dinner took place at Funky Broome in Chinatown. Being the incredibly socially and culturally aware people that we are, Field Mouse and I had no idea it was New Year's Eve. If we had known this, we probably would have understood why it was so hectic and crazy at the Broome. It also would have explained why we had to wait so long for a waiter and then so long for our food. It's too bad because normally Funky Broome operates like a well-oiled machine.

It's still the best Chinese food I've had in the city. No big shakes if they have one off night.

After finishing off dinner we made our way to go see the film The Quiet American. I just can't stay away from a movie starring Brendan Fraser. I mean who could forget such favorites as Encino Man, Airheads, Monkeybone or the Oscar winner George of the Jungle? Even Brendan Fraser's hits are bad. I mean The Mummy was soooo bad.

Then every once in a while Brendan Fraser seems to want to be in a serious film and ends up in some film like Gods and Monsters or in this instance The Quiet American. Interesting. Almost James Earl Jones like.

So anyway The Quiet American is a movie (based on the Graham Greene novel of the same name) set in 1950s Vietnam starring Brendan Fraser as a young American (yes..."quiet") doctor and Michael Caine as an old British journalist. The movie was quite good. I didn't think it was great but it was probably worth seeing.

The real story of the night occurred before the movie even began. We were waiting in the lobby of the Village 7 on 3rd Avenue in the East Village. The crusty old ticketaker wouldn't let us in yet because we were too early. This same tickettaker had given a guy the Heisman because he didn't have ID.

Tough crowd.

Anyway, as we were standing in the lobby I saw this guy who was wearing a leather jacket with some seriously hiked up pants. I thought he was trying a bit too hard. This girl came in with him. As she passed me, I remarked to Field Mouse how much this girl looked like Drew Barrymore.

She agreed. It was spooky. I turned away and stared into space. Then I paused to think (as I like to do in circumstances like this)

Was it Drew Barrymore? Hmmm...I had never even thought to consider that. I kind of forgot that I live in New York and that I tend to see celebrities at the movies.

The maybe-Barrymore proceed to get a bunch of candy out of the bulk candy center. (I worked at a movie theatre during the summer of 1994. I think during my entire period of service I saw one person get some bulk candy. Considering the price of it, only the Sultan of Brunei would have picked up some loose Jujubes.) We kept waiting for her to turn around. At one point she dropped the scooper, made a quick movement to leave (without replacing said scooper which was now resting disturbingly on the floor) but thought better of it, and went back and put the scooper in the holder.

It was around this point when Field Mouse said, "It's not her. Drew Barrymore is definitely fatter."

The maybe-Barrymore turned around and walked past us to join her male companion at the concession counter.

The maybe-Barrymore was the Barrymore. Interesting. I've upbraided Field Mouse everyday since for helping to contribute to eating disorders in Hollywood. Ms. Barrymore was fit and trim...and small. She's not nearly as tall as I had expected. She's more like five foot two. I began to wonder how the hell she did those scenes in Poison Ivy. Those weren't the scenes of a woman that small. Wasn't she, like, five foot ten in that movie? Everything aside though...you could tell she had star quality. Yo...she radiated.....

Then we turned our attention back to her male companion...he the owner of the leather jacket and hiked up pants. I was trying to pinpoint who he was. Was this her boyfriend? Who was she dating now? Shit...do you remember that she was married to Tom Green? What the hell was she thinking?

Field Mouse says to me: "He's a little over the top...isn't he?"

I reply: "He's so over the top that he's back on the other side."

Barrymore and her friend left and seemed to be on their way to see Gangs of New York or something.

We went to our theatre on level one and sat down trying to figure out who the guy was. Field Mouse remarked that he was equally kissy-kiss with another girl with them...so she thought he could be gay. I agreed. He might be gay. Field Mouse said something like..."You know Drew...she's into that whole scene and everything."

I leaned back and then shot up quickly.


That guy was Fab Moretti...wasn't it. As in drummer for The Strokes. As in reportedly soon to be Mrs. Drew Barrymore.

Haha...Field Mouse and I just ripped on Mr. Cool from Mr. Coolest Guys In Town. Wow. My indie cred is sooooooo solid now.

Man...those pants were soooo tired...so 2002.

Our apologies to Drew Barrymore....ok...and Fab Moretti.