December 21, 2002

The Christmas Spirit

The Huffer family in action:
E-Mail From The Huffer's Dad To The Huffer

In case you get a call-I doubt- as I'm pretty sure Grandma does not have your home #'s; you sent [her] a Christmas flower arrangement called [the] golden angel.

E-Mail From The Huffer To The Huffer's Dad

I'm glad I chose something so....beautiful.

E-Mail From The Huffer's Dad To The Huffer

Mom made me do it.

December 20, 2002


I guess nobody cares about nepotism anymore. Thanks for the job, daddy!

December 19, 2002

You Know What Sucks?

Henry A. Kissinger's abrupt resignation from his new position as chairman of the commission intended to investigate the Sept. 11 attacks.

Cause it would have been wicked sweet having that maniac back in full effect.

There is nothing I could write about Kissinger that hasn't already been written. Just read the latest installment of Get Your War On. Sort of sums it all up.

December 18, 2002

Hot damn.

Boy...are the Republicans going to be PISSED. Check out President Clinton playing the dozens as he learned in Harlem on the GOP. Here's a preview:
Former President Clinton said Wednesday it is "pretty hypocritical" of Republicans to criticize incoming Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott for stating publicly what he said the GOP does "on the back roads every day."

"How do they think they got a majority in the South anyway?" Clinton told CNN outside a business luncheon he was attending. "I think what they are really upset about is that he made public their strategy."

The Betrayal of Songs

As has been noted previously on this site, I purchased an iPod a while back. Although sometime I wish that the batteries lasted longer and it was easier to recharge it...I have absolutely loved it. It's like you programmed your own radio station with your favorite hits when you put it on random. I mean...I don't even have that much on there yet...I think I have 390 tracks or something...and it holds 2000.

The iPod has had a strange side effect. It's power to uplift can't beat it's power to depress. I guess that may be the sign of a hopeless cynic (I sincerely hope that this blog is not turning down Emo Drive. Although in emo terms it would definitely have to be North East Emo Boulevard or something.) to see the beautiful sunset as a precursor to darkness. What do I mean?

My favorite songs bring memories of simpler youthful Clintonian times. We had a Democrat in the Oval Office, people were socially aware and not overly PC yet, it was hip to be different, there was eternal optimism, people probably didn't support detaining American citizens without the right to an attorney... I wasn't in severe debt for education from which I apparently didn't learn the right things. (I was just unknowingly incurring it..."[drenched in sweat digging] Hey, what are we going to use this hole for anyway???...hey wait a minute...where are you going??? I can't get up!!") I was still cool. At least I believed I was. Now, I don't even give myself a fighting chance. Oh sure, what is "cool" worth, you're asking? Not much, right? Well at least it gives you a feeling of importance...even if it's shallow. Although being "cool" in NYC certainly seems to be a full-time occupation. Especially if you're an American. So the songs remind me of working at a college radio station...getting three hours to throw stuff on the airwaves...throw the headphones on and play amateur hour.

I've always pictured myself as the crafty gambler. The card-counter. I'd beat the house with my wits. I once said in a job interview: "I'd rather be considered crafty than smart any day." When they asked if I had any questions for them, I said " it office casual here?"

I got that job.

The rest of the candidates must have answered the previous questions "I'd rather be stoned than baked any day." and "Yes...are those real? May I feel them?"

Now I feel like a breeding farm for ulcers and an invisible name on a yet-to-be-created psychotherapy patient list. How far can I go until I break? Is this a contest I want to engage in? Or even win? It reminds me of the contest in the movie Waydowtown where some Edmontonians make a bet on who can go the longest without going outside. Who's the winner there? What's the prize? A spot in the DSM-IV index? are the last ten songs I've been rocking.

So. Central Rain--REM
Makes No Sense At All--Husker Du
Underwater--Death Cab For Cutie
Mr. You're On Fire Mr.--Liars
Here (Live)--Pavement
Loved Despite of Great Faults--Blonde Redhead
Secret Knowledge of Backroads--Pavement
Electric Pink--The Promise Ring
So Fresh, So Clean--Outkast
Baby, I Know What You're Thinking--The Mendoza Line

Do You Remember...

the Bad Idea Jeans skit from SNL? Alec Baldwin's recent proposal for what to do with the Ground Zero site reminds me of that. His plan? Build the new Yankee Stadium there.

Iraq And The Nuclear Option

This is a pretty funny bit from The Onion. My favorite part:
"It's about time we had a president who's not afraid to step up to the plate and make the biggest mistake in the history of world civilization."

December 17, 2002

It's Been A While

since I posted...been tired, bored and back to tired again. I saw this book in Barnes & Noble the other day that was called Tired of Being Tired. I think I'd check it out if it wasn't some sort of self-affirmation California bullshit which requires me to find my chi.

I'd rather find Chi Chi Rodriguez.

I'm beginning to find the irony in the fact that I subscribe to Outside magazine...but never go outside and do outside activities. I kind of look at it as heaven. Ooooh...look what they have in heaven. Holy shit...this person is smiling in this photo....ahhh...smiling...the first stage of happiness.

Field Mouse and I went to go see the film About Schmidt last weekend. The movie was great. Certainly one of the best movies I've seen in a couple of years. A scarily realistic film. Funny, sad, should check it out. Plus you get to check out Kathy Bates busting a naked move.

We saw the movie at the theatre in Union Square. You always seem to have to get there at least a half hour early or you're staring up at some monster screen from the third row. I don't know if it is the proximity to NYU or what...but the place sucks for crowds. So as we're waiting in line I see this girl playing a video game. The game seemed like it originated in Asia. Where else would you virtually dance for points? So there's this mat full of electronic sensors and you have to hit the right spots on the mat to score points. It's lame.

But so this girl was working it out on there and her boyfriend was to the side looked bemused and slightly embarrassed. The scene was so interesting and I was so bored with the line that I almost made a playful comment to the girl about her dancing skillz. I didn't. I guess that's not my style.

So finally the line started moving into the theatre. We scurried to get less than prime 8th row seats. Oh well...better than being those people walking around gazing up into the stadium seating area thinking that somehow, just somehow, they've missed four seats in a row in the center of the absolute middle. Just somehow.

Fuck those people. I hate those people. Sit down and shut up.

After we had sat down, I noticed that the dancing girl and her boyfriend sat down in the row in front of us. As they were sitting down, I heard a female voice that I recognized. I said to myself...that's really funny...someone here sounds exactly like...

Claire Danes. Shit...the dancing girl is Claire Danes. Oh shit...the boyfriend is Ben Lee.


They sat in front of us for about another ten minutes as a friend of theirs in the balcony looked for some better seats. At one point Claire Danes yelled up to her friend "Is the view any better up there? Should we stay down here?" They eventually ended up moving. Once the previews started, there was a trailer for The Hours...which Claire Danes is in.

I imagined that I missed out on some juicy "Meryl Streep is such a bitch" or something like that.

We ended up walking out in front of Claire and Ben and the gang on the way out. Just another day in the NYC.

Here's a non-exhaustive list of the famous folk I have seen out and about in town since moving to the city.

Claire Danes
Ben Lee
Don Cheadle
Jesse L. Martin
Mark McGrath(low point)
Heather Graham
Lenny Kravitz
Laurence Fishburne
Mos Def and Q-Tip (together)
David Cross (eighty million fucking times)
Lizzie Grubman (the weekend after she drove an SUV into a group of people in the Hamptons)