November 08, 2002

U.N. Votes In Favor of Future U.S. Invasion

Hmmm...ummm...oh man...45 degree salutes. Oh this is bad. Well, it will make some good t-shirts at the anarchist cookout.

Ass Maniac

Man...what the hell crawled up your ass? Ummmm....some kids?

November 07, 2002

Election Friday Five!

As promised, here are this week's Friday Five questions: (for more information on what this is, please see last week's post.)

1. Did you vote in your last elections?
umm YES

2. Do you know who your elected representatives are?
Yes, indeed.

3. Have you ever contacted an elected representative? If so, what was it about?
All the time -- it's kind of part of my job, working with tenants. I call the elected officials about once a week, especially Christine Quinn's office. But on my own, the last time I contacted an official was to write Mayor Bloomberg complaining about the elimination of recycling in NYC, and to Margarita Lopez about the budget cuts to the New York Public Library neighborhood libraries.

4. Have you ever participated in a demonstration?
Yes, once again. I used to work for Greenpeace and we demonstrated all the time (like weekly). We even used to have puppets. I also demonstrated with other environmental groups on my own against storing nuclear waste on leaky barges on the Mississippi River.

5. Have you ever volunteered in an election? What was the result?
I tried to! But the elections board never picked me. Just like no one wanted me on their jury this week.

Sun, Warmth, and Green

Mt. Lafeyette-White Mountains, NHIt's supposed to be nice here in the city this weekend. Reportedly in the mid to high 60s. However, I noticed for the first time today that the trees along Houston St. no longer had leaves. I feel like it just happened this past weekend when I wasn't looking.

So now it's all blustery and gray.

I wish I had gotten out to New England to do some fall hiking...see the colors and everything. I was just way too busy. It was nice to be looking through some pictures of mine and come across this one to the left. It's a view from close to the top of Mt. Lafayette in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Field Mouse and I did the Old Bridle Path/Falling Waters trail hike over Labor Day weekend. For some reason it seemed like 75% of the hikers on that trail were from Quebec. So all we heard on the way up was French. And all we saw were tight Speedos. Speedos.

The hike up had been a lot harder than expected. It was a rather consistently steep incline. It also didn't help by the fact that it rained on and off the entire way up which only yielded to a dense sticky humid air. By the time we reached the top we were all sweaty and cold.

The entire top of Mt. Lafayette was covered in clouds.

You couldn't see a thing. It was a bit discouraging. Sure, you do the hike for the trip...but it's also nice to receive your payoff.

As we were descending though, the sky just started to open up. The clouds moved gave way to large patches of bright blue sky...and I excitedly snapped this picture.

I'm hoping this weekend's warm weather will give us a last glimpse of fall before winter.

Let Me Take A Moment To Try To Think Of Something Worse Than This.

Superman had Kryptonite.

Mike Tyson had Buster Douglas.

The Red Sox had the Mets.

Terl, Psychlo Chief of Security had Man-Animals.

Everybody has a foe, although seemingly overmatched and harmless, capable of inflicting unexpected harm and damage.

For me that foe is college white a capella groups. Throw in the fact that they're singing emo songs...and well...order me up one nice plain pine box, please.

A New Leaf

When I was in fourth grade, I just got moved up to the "advanced" reading group and I was very nervous for my first week in that class. So nervous that I seemed to be unable to turn in the assignments. I kept forgetting my workbook at home. So the teacher called me up to the front of the class to ask me why I hadn't turned in any work for three days. I said I was sorry, but that I just kept forgetting. I felt super ashamed.

Then she said, well, "this is March, which is Spring, which is a great time for turning over a new leaf. I expect to see your work turned in by tomorrow."

My face was bright red. I walked back to my seat, which was in the front row. I had nowhere to hide. Then the teacher asked whether anyone had lost a purple pencil-top eraser. It was mine, but I felt too much the focus of attention to say anything, so I just sat there. None of my honest classmates said it was there's. So the teacher dropped the eraser into the trash-basket, saying, "Goodbye, Cruel World."

So, here is my new leaf.

First, you can get a new imaginary body at Your new virtual self can then try on stylish new ensembles from the likes of land's end. Then you can get new celebrity hair at I wish I could direct you more specifically to the site, but I've lost the link where you upload a picture of yourself or choose from the pre-uploaded photos of people who look nothing like you to audition celebrity hair. Finally, you can nurture your intellectual side with where you can compete with the rest of the country to try to write a novel (50k words) by November 30th.

November 06, 2002

Cold Cold Winter

Brooklyn Bridge from DUMBOMy fixation with light has continued over the past few weeks. I keep thinking that everything in my apartment is dark. We bought another floor lamp this past weekend so our living room would be brighter. As soon as we turned it on, I thought: This still isn't bright enough.

I wonder if this is some sort of medical condition. Isn't there some sort of syndrome connected to the oncome of winter? Do I have winter depression? I don't think I have seasonal affective disorder (SAD) because you need two straight depressed winters for that, and last year was fine as I guess it could be post-September 11th. Plus although I think I have a strong female side, I'm not a woman, and that comprises 60%-90% of SAD sufferers.

In the meantime, this Apple switch ad spoof kind of brought a smile to my face.

Law & Order Fascination

Yesterday I noted that I had a dream. A dream to watch every Law & Order episode ever made. It turns out, there's help, and I'm not alone.

Ellen Feiss Has Made It To The Comics

Ellen Feiss, the lovable Apple switch gal with the internet following, has made it into FoxTrot. Cool.

Sen. Lincoln Chafee, Our Lonely Eyes Turn To You

So today it looks fairly certain the Senate will end up controlled by the Republicans 51-48-1 Those numbers will only be accurate if Sen. Tim Johnson of South Dakota holds on to his 527 vote lead in the automatic recount versus Rep. John Thune, and if Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana wins an automatic runoff versus Suzie Terrell on December 7th.

But here's a more interesting story. Will there be another Sen. Jim Jeffords in the Republican ranks? As you may recall, Sen. Jeffords of Vermont infuriated Republican leadership in May 2001 by resigning from the Republican party and becoming an Independent. Jeffords left the Republican party because he felt his moderate political views were being ignored. Sen. Jeffords' resignation gave control of the Senate to the Democrats, and Sen. Tom Daschle became the Senate Majority Leader.

Beginning last year, there were rumors that Sen. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island would also resign from the Republican party. These rumors continued right up to the election.

Republican leadership is aware of and worried about a possible defection of Sen. Chafee.

So who knows...maybe the Senate will end up being 50-49-1 or 50-48-2. Stay tuned.

November 05, 2002

Fear, Disappointment...and Anger

It's almost 2am on the East Coast...and it's looking more and more as though when I wake up tomorrow there will be a Republican trifecta. Control of the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. Unbelievable. Shocking. I just don't get it. All night I kept thinking two things.

1. Fuck Nader. Fuck Nader. Fuck Nader.

2. Why are the Democrats so stupid and inept? Why are leftists so stupid? Why is it that when it comes right down to it, Republicans go to the polls, stand behind their candidates, and mobilize? People on the left are lazy and fractionalized. They wallow in utopian ideals and throw out fringe political thought at the expense of the here and now. Why in the middle of a shitty economy, snipers with assault weapons killing indiscriminately, a failed war on terrorism, a failed investigation into September 11th, corporate scandals, the stupidest president in modern history...WE FUCKING LOSE SEATS??? How embarrassing. I mean...who manages to fuck up a funeral? That ridiculous Wellstone celebration isn't going to keep anybody warm at night when I wake up and see the smiling grin of Norm Coleman tomorrow.

The Vote To End All Votes... not today in the state of New York. there's not many interesting races this year in New York. It's basically a triple showdown of Gov. George Pataki, Carl McCall and Tom Golisano for the Governor of New York. The only way Pataki doesn't win this is if he falls down a flight of stairs in Albany. I'll miss those low-budget Golisano ads. probably not.

The run for Governor of Massachusetts, my home state, or Senator of Minnesota, the Field Mouse's home state, is much more interesting.

Will it be Shannon O'Brien (how do you lose in Massachusetts with a name like this??? We may soon find out) or Mitt "Megabucks" Romney?

Will it be 76 year old Walter (Call Me Fritz) Mondale or Norm Coleman?

Jon Stewart was recently on the show Reliable Sources on CNN discussing the media coverage of the sniper among other things. It's pretty funny stuff.

STEWART: [B]y watching the 24-hour news networks, I learned that the sniper was an olive-skinned, white-black male -- men -- with ties to Son of Sam, al Qaeda, and was a military kid, playing video games, white, 17, maybe 40[...]you know what they should've called the coverage, "You know what I heard?"

Here's a transcript of his appearance.

I watched The Daily Show last night for the first time in a while. Very very funny program. Usually I'm doing other stuff or watching Law & Order in my quest to have seen every single Law & Order episode ever made. It's an important goal for me to obtain. However, it's kind of like that guy who is trying to visit every single Starbucks in the world. If they keep making 'em, I might never be able to catch up.

November 04, 2002

This Puts The Extra R in Dirrty

There's a pretty interesting/funny article on Pitchfork about music "nobody else you know likes" or what other people might call dirty pleasures. The lead singer of The Dismemberment Plan, Travis Morrison, picks the songs that he likes that no one else does. They're interesting...because The Huffer has to admit he finds Complicated by Avril Lavigne quite hummable. Then again..that was maybe the first ten times I heard the song not necessarily after 400 rotations.

I do have to take strong disagreement with his choice of Screaming Infidelities by Dashboard Confessional. That "band" and that song sucks.

November 03, 2002

Nuclear Winter

burning hot ballIt's cold. We never got a fall here in Gotham. Got a summer. Got a spring even. No fall. Just winter.

The photo to the right was taken from the Brooklyn shore last weekend. You can see the Statue of Liberty if you pay close attention...and you're into that sort of thing.

For anybody single out there...there's some men and women who want to meet you. Only problem is...they're in prison. But check them out...because everybody needs a hug sometimes.

Field Mouse and I saw the movie The Ring this weekend. It was pretty good. Scary in that quick cuts, people jumpin' out of closets way. There was this guy sitting in front of us who was so fat that it was impossible for him to fit in the chair. So he had to put up the armrest, resulting in his spilling over into the next chair where his friend was sitting.

It was like this guy's head was resting next to the fat guy's right breast the entire film. I though that was cool that the friend stuck it out sitting there. I swear I always get somebody sitting next to me on the subway who is really interfering with my space...and it sucks.

If you're friends, you could at least say "Bob...I'm gonna move over here. Cause we all know you need some room that cool?" I mean you always even see those teenagers or even young college guys who do the seat apart thing. The "No, we're not gay...we're just a couple of guys going out to see a movie got a problem with that????" (Maybe they were also warlocks...or witches...if they had been, they maybe have been to the website for gay witches and warlocks.) That option was definitely available...but not chosen. So I applaud thee young fellows.

I thought about how tough it is to be comfortable when you're that fat. Field Mouse tells me that's why they have those really big seats in the theatres these days with no armrest in the middle. I always had thought it was so you could get closer to your date and cuddle.

Hmmm. Guess not.

5 Questions

These questions come out every Friday, but since I just learned about them, I will post them this one time (hopefully, unless I get behind) on Sunday. This week's tho, the Questions are more challenging than "what are your favorite shoes" and "what is your favorite childhood memory." The questions are part of a greater blog scheme which can be found here.

So write your own answers to some or all the questions in the comments space . . . and check back every Friday for more. The questions this week have to do with religion, so I guess Sunday could be an appropriate day. Please feel free to share your own answers to the questions in the comments section.

Here are the questions:

1. Were you raised in a particular religious faith?
Yes, Catholic, plus Catholic school.
2. Do you still practice that faith? Why or why not?
I wish I did more. I mean, I wish I went to church more often. I do think about God pretty much daily internally, but I feel lonely and conspicuous going to church by myself. My church here in New York, Holy Redeemer, is an interesting place, with a very direct priest (on ash wednesday, he reminded us we are all dirt and to really think about that), who preaches in Spanglish. But I think about dying every day, which reminds me of faith -- shallow, but also motivating.
3. What do you think happens after death?
I think we all give up our bodies and our individual nature and become part of the earth again to enrich the people who are still alive. But I do think that dying is the end of a person's individual spirit, which is why it scares me and is hard to accept.
4. What is your favorite religious ritual (participating in or just observing)?
5. Do you believe people are basically good?
My thinking is that people are basically animals, which I mean in a less than negative way. People will act basically good until they have a clear shot at gaining an advantage with few repercussions. Then I think they become basically deceptive. So I think people need to have boundaries of some sort set on them which counteract the negative behavior, which could be family, community, law, religion, conscience, etc. People have to be reminded to do good for others.