October 30, 2002

This Is A Wicked Cool Frappe

Not much time today, but I wanted to pass along this link to a site at Harvard which discusses dialects. The results of the survey are posted here.

The survey asks a bunch of questions about words, both in terms of definition and pronounciation. You can even respond to the survey. Pretty interesting stuff.

Like, is it a cellar or a basement? I'm kind of surprised with the response on this one.

It all comes back to earth though when "sneakers" gives the smackdown to "tennis shoes."

The Midwest loses again.

Regardless, I know some language fans (all of you nutty folks) venture onto this site...so this will keep you salivating for at least a thesis or two.

October 29, 2002

Halloween Costume Ideas

I doubt I would be able to fit into this costume...but surely...surely there is someone somebody knows that needs to wear this on Thursday night. Alas, it is sold out.

If You Don't Buy Real Kate Spade Bags...The Terrorists Win.

In today's New York Times, there is a story about how the makers of Kate Spade bags are attempting to crack down on counterfeiting.

Kate Spade bags are sold in her store and at high-end department stores like Neiman Marcus. You can get a nice nylon tote for $175.00. Or if leather is more your style you can get this "sleek, clean cut tote" for $475.00.

However, you can also get them on Ebay for a mere $13.50.

Finally, every New York City street corner has people selling Kate Spade, Coach, Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton bags for around $20 or less.

So in steps Andy Spade (dude to the right in the hott red pants), President and Creative Director of Kate Spade (click on his name to learn more about the man, the myth, the legend that is Andy Spade) (interesting factoid: Andy Spade is the brother of comedian David Spade), and the husband of the Kate Spade. Andy's pissed about knockoffs...and he'll let you know about it...as quoted from the NY Times article below:

For Mr. Spade, the counterfeiting is a personal matter. He has interrogated mothers standing with their children on the sidewalk, deciding whether to buy a fake Kate Spade bag from a street vendor.

"I started telling one woman with two daughters that a lot of the money from these knockoffs goes to organized crime," he said. "I told her that millions of dollars of tax money is lost when we're trying to rebuild our city — that money is going out of the country." He paused. "She didn't buy the bag."

Good job, Andy. America is a safer place tonight for luxury bags.

October 27, 2002

What's Up Mo Vaughn?

Not like I'm an Anaheim Angels fan...but I did like the way that they played the game through the playoffs. And after the terrible year that the New York Mets had, I am reminded of preseason comments made by Mo "Foxy Lady" Vaughn.

"Let me say this: Who the (expletive) is Troy Percival?" Vaughn bellowed Monday morning when interviewed by the newspaper. "What has he done in this game?

"Has he led his team to a pennant? Has he ever (expletive) pitched in a big game that meant something?"

Vaughn quickly hit the roof when he heard that Percival said in the Times story, "We may miss Mo's bat, but we won't miss his leadership. Darin Erstad is our leader."
"This guy talks so much (expletive), and he hasn't even done (expletive)," Vaughn said of Percival. "He has the right to evaluate and analyze people, but what the hell has he done to deserve that right?

"He hasn't done (expletive) to lead them anywhere. I got hardware, I got playoff appearances, I got an MVP. I've been to the playoffs twice. What the hell has he done? Who the hell is he?"
"I tried to be cool here. I tried to be nice of this whole situation concerning the Angels all the way around," Vaughn told the Post. "Ain't none of them done a damn thing in this damn game, bottom line.

"They ain't got no flags hanging at friggin' Edison Field, so the hell with them."

How's golf, Mo?

The End of The Week Suits Me Just Fine

The Huffer's parents are here in NYC this weekend. Their first visit since I moved here.

Joined by the Field Mouse we went to Prune on Saturday for some brunch. A good friend of mine from college runs the show there. Due to our completely opposite work schedules we haven't seen much of each other since I moved here. NYC can be like that...people working around the block from you that for some reason you just never see. We're working to rectify this.

Anyway, the Prune brunches have gotten some good pub, so it seemed like a good choice. All of us loved it...first rate food in nice surroundings. My mother thought the bloody mary was the best she had ever had. So you should check it out.

Later in the day we hung out for a bit at Lotus Club, one of our neighborhood hangouts. A nice coffeehouse/bar combo. Yesterday I saw this guy there who looked like he wanted to mimic the fashion sense of a Ryan Adams/Gram Parsons/cowboy trucker.

And hell, if he wasn't heavily medicated. This cowboy could barely stand up. While he was rockin' brown frosted 70s glasses and a scarf, this man got up real close with the action of putting his straw in the hole of the lid. It was like he was performing some sort of surgery at the bar. Everything was in slow motion for him...he was just floatin' away on the dreamiest lonely urban prairie.

It was around this same time I was leafing through the Village Voice and realized that I had put my parents up in a hotel on the same corner of the 2002 Best Place to Get a One-Dollar Blowjob. Aaahh good times. Good times.

Between gems like this and the practical joker I encounter on my way to work every couple of months....life is interesting. This guy...crazy guy he is...

I'll be walking down E.1st near this old folks home on my way to work. I got my headphones on...rocking out to whatever tunes I got on the discman. This elderly black man with a cane is walking the same direction I am. He looks back at me and starts gesturing at me with his cane...pointing to something...what's going on?

I take off my headphones and say "Excuse me?"

He smiles at me and says "Gotcha!"

Ooooohh...that's funny stuff.