October 25, 2002

Wellstone and FoxNews

By now we all probably have heard the sad news about Sen. Paul Wellstone's death. Just a quick post here. The following is a paragraph from a FoxNews Channel story about Wellstone. This crap makes me laugh when they try to say they're not a conservative station.

Wellstone was adamantly opposed to a recent resolution giving the president the authority to use military force in Iraq.

However, by all accounts, he was considered a man of incredible integrity and one of the most straightforward and honest brokers in the Senate.

October 24, 2002

Fatigue and Mo' Fatigue

I'm tired. I haven't passed by in a while because I have been indisposed for long periods of the daytime and nightime and then I go to bed.

Which leaves no energy to think of the wonderful posts you all are used to reading.

I'm going to try to drop a couple of things here. Here is a funny list of overheard items from a STD clinic in St. Paul, MN.

Okay, actually not a couple, just that one. Too tired.

The Autumn Rhythm

If you get a chance, check out The Autumn Rhythm. They are a band originally from north of Boston, but currently reside in Brooklyn, where they are recording their first LP. I used to eat lunch almost every day with Eli, the bassist, until he moved to NY. He's a really quiet, funny, and nice guy and I think he's terriffic. I only met Val once, and she seems pretty great too. So, if you live in NYC, and get a chance to see this band play, do not hesitate. I really like them a lot, and their music is lovely.

The Village Voice said this about them: September 10th, 2002 - Two shy, bookish white kids from suburban Boston meet, fall in love, make music, move to Brooklyn. The boy plays bass and the girl plays guitar and sings, and that's it, that's their band. But the Autumn Rhythm aren't precious in the least; their self-released four-song EP is a quiet indie-folk affair that is intimate, narcotic, and surprisingly mature. The standout, "Hideous," is the most beautifully fragile love song I've heard since Yo La Tengo covered the Only Ones' "The Whole of the Law."

Pretty decent review, eh? They deserve it, too. Check out their Web site, and go see them live the next time they play, which is tomorrow, if you live in NYC.

October 22, 2002

South Bronx Suburbia

Today I went on a field trip to South & Central Bronx to look at some of the new housing non-profit developers have built. I was really amazed to see there is one area which is all suburban ranch homes. The neighborhood is called Charlotte Gardens. I really tried to find a picture for the blog, but it is not possible. I should have taken a picture.

In the middle of a very urban area, on ground that was literally rubble in the 1970s, are 80-90 suburban style ranch homes. The only difference between them and Long Island or New Jersey or where I grew up, is that there are heavy bars on every window. But there is grass and big back yards and fences and barbeques. One person even had an above-ground pool, another had a Winnebago.

I wish I could show you the picture. If you are *really* devoted, you can download this pdf file and look at a picture of Bill Clinton & one of the homes. Bill Clinton lauds the neighborhood as a good indicator of what can be done despite the odds, but I think it is a little strange that he specifically praises it like it could be replicated elsewhere (or should be). The houses are definitely better than rubble, but I think it is peculiar that the developers chose to make the homes that did not fit the environment. You literally round the corner from tenements and bodegas into a neighborhood of quarter-acre lots and freshly seeded grass. It is almost creepy.

It was strange also to see the people who lived there had taken on quasi-suburban things like Winnebagos that went along with the houses. I mean who would think there was a Winnebago in the Bronx? But now, I guess, with the houses being single-family homes or duplexes, they cost tons of money because of the property taxes, so they are still a miracle but they have a strange future, as they are only going to get more and more expensive.

Big Girls Cause You Pain

This story is bizarre. Fat lady causes woman pain on plane. Cash money lawsuit ensues.

October 21, 2002

Who Shot My Mug?

My mind has been blown on the tremendous amount of hits You Know It's True has been getting from people seeking out info on the stars of the Apple Switch Ads or vixens on MTV's The Real World. Little did I know that this was our true calling.

I think it's a nice indictment of the blinding love Americans have for Asian culture, when Christina Aguilera's new video unknowingly included advertisements in Thai for high payin' hoes... (ass pants alert!!!)

A site many of us visit frequently and enjoy is The Smoking Gun. One of my favorite features on The Smoking Gun is their fine selection of celebrity mug shots.

For me, standout examples include:

Nick Nolte
Ozzy Osbourne
Bill Gates...yep...Bill Gates.
...and to the extreme...Vanilla Ice

I Was Dressed For Success, But Success It Never Comes...

This past weekend I had a nice surprise while sifting through the CD racks at Sound and Fury on the LES. I was looking for the new Iron and Wine disc, The Creek Drank the Cradle. Although they did have said album, my attention was turned towards a nice suprise.

Slanted & Enchanted, Luxe & Reduxe by Pavement.

The remastered version of the beste albume in the worlde by the beste bande in the worlde...complete with extra tracks. In some ways it's not really that big of a deal. Since a lot of Pavement fans are complete dorks, such as myself, most people will have a majority, if not all, of the added tracks. Some of the added tracks like Circa 1762 and Kentucky Cocktail from the Peel Sessions had already seen bootleg release on the album Stuff Up The Cracks and the entire live show that's on Disc 2 of Slanted & Enchanted, Luxe & Reduxe is found on the bootleg Stray Slack. So, in this file-sharing day and age, none of this will really be watershed. Still...

I don't believe that the album really comes out until Tuesday. Score.

Same goes for The Slow Century, the Pavement DVD which has been delayed for almost three years!! It's got a documentary, every Pavement video, and a live show. I watched a bunch of it over the weekend and was rather pleased.