October 12, 2002

Earth First!

Look at this tragic tree-sitting death article.

I think Earth First needs a better PR dep't. As the spokesman for the org. eloquently put it:

"Santa Cruz Earth First! is deeply saddened by this tragic event. We never like to lose an activist," said Davie. "This was a young man in his first tree-sit."

I guess that's why they call it earth first.

Errors of Comedy

So last night, I went to see A Comedy of Errors at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. I was plumb lost. I wonder why Shakepeare's plays are unintelligible, even though it seems like back in the day regular peasants and stuff went to them and threw tomatoes with joy. Granted, this production was probably not the best-ever performance of Shakespeare, etc., but I did not even understand that the plot was about the confusion surrounding sets of twins for about an hour and a half. Is it because the language is outdated or that the actors don't understand their own lines?

Maybe I'm just dumb tho, because a chubby middle-schooler in shorts and a red/orange/yellow tie-dye came tumbling up the aisle at intermission yelling "That was SO funny! I love it!"

Maybe he was the brother of the main character?

The only really good thing about the show was the costumes. (scroll down a bit on link to see the pictures). They were completely inventive. One of the characters had on an accordion bustle on the outside of a 50's style skirt suit. Butterflies on wires sprang from the top of the bustle and hovered at about mid-back. There was another dress that was huge and took up about 50% of the circular stage. Another character looked like David Bowie. The drawings on the website don't really show how they looked. It was one of those sort of "modern" Shakespeare interpretations where the Olde England meets the East Village of the '80s.

But you know, the whole thing wasn't that great. My parents' english-teacher friends left at intermission.

October 11, 2002

She's All That

Why do I find this so damn funny?

Everybody's Going to Love This One...

According to this report in the NY Times, the Bush administration plans a postwar occupation and rule of Iraq after they depose Saddam Hussein. Hmmm...great. What an added extra benefit!! Control of 11% of the world's oil supply.

And we will have just spawned scores and scores of new recruits for islamic terrorist groups.

October 10, 2002

The Further Degradation Of The Democratic Party

I waited up tonight for this list. The first step in the wrong direction. Or more likely the most recent step continuing in the wrong direction. All these Democrats with career aspirations...I really really really don't want to be a Green. I don't agree with half of their ideology. I blame them for putting Bush in the White House. I've always thought of myself as a Democrat. I think I am. And I think that these Senators aren't.

You are fucking cowards:

Sen. Baucus, Mont.
Sen. Bayh, Ind.
Sen. Biden, Del.
Sen. Breaux, La.
Sen. Cantwell, Wash.
Sen. Carnahan, Mo.
Sen. Carper, Del.
Sen. Cleland, Ga.
Sen. Clinton, N.Y. Congrats!!! Special Fuck You Award
Sen. Daschle, S.D. Congrats!!! Special Fuck You Award
Sen. Dodd, Conn.
Sen. Dorgan, N.D.
Sen. Edwards, N.C.
Sen. Feinstein, Calif.
Sen. Harkin, Iowa
Sen. Hollings, S.C.
Sen. Johnson, S.D.
Sen. Kerry, Mass. Congrats!!! Special Fuck You Award
Sen. Kohl, Wis.
Sen. Landrieu, La.
Sen. Lieberman, Conn.
Sen. Lincoln, Ark.
Sen. Miller, Ga.
Sen. Nelson, Fla.
Sen. Nelson, Neb.
Sen. Reid, Nev.
Sen. Rockefeller, W.Va.
Sen. Schumer, N.Y. Congrats!!! Special Fuck You Award.
Sen. Torricelli, N.J.

Thank You
Sen. Akaka, Hawaii
Sen. Bingaman, N.M.
Sen. Boxer, Calif
Sen. Byrd, W.Va.
Sen. Conrad, N.D.
Sen. Corzine, N.J.
Sen. Dayton, Minn.
Sen. Durbin, Ill.
Sen. Feingold, Wis
Sen. Graham, Fla.
Sen. Inouye, Hawaii
Sen. Kennedy, Mass.
Sen. Leahy, Vt.
Sen. Levin, Mich.
Sen. Mikulski, Md.
Sen. Murray, Wash.
Sen. Reed, R.I.
Sen. Sarbanes, Md.
Sen. Stabenow, Mich.
Sen. Wellstone, Minn.
Sen. Wyden, Ore.

Special Thank You-
Rep. Nydia Velazquez (D-NY)--representing the LES.

By the way...still no independent committee investigation into 9/11. I guess that's not important. I guess it's just a lot easier if we just call them "evildoers" and forget about the whole damn thing.

Do you feel safe tonight?

October 09, 2002

The Huffer Gets Cut

It was getting out of control. A coup d'etat was brewing in my hair and it needed to be put down.

So today...I got my hair cut.

I have always hated getting my hair cut. It makes no sense, really. I'm a guy, I don't have that much hair to worry about. I'm not THAT vain. Yet every single time I get my hair cut, it's like pulling teeth. I just hope to escape without walking out looking like a 12 year old boy.

You see, I have a cowlick. Right in the front of my hair. It makes it virtually impossible for me to seem normal with my hair parted. I either look like a tv anchor or a child molester. It's really infuriating.

Back when I was younger, I used to go to Supercuts, a regular conveyor belt of hair removal. I always used to wonder about the women who went there. What the hell were they thinking? They were better off letting their drunk husbands give them a perm than letting these superstars get at them with sharp instruments.

The haircut assembly line at Supercuts revolved around this system designed by Satan which guaranteed me the worst haircutter in the joint. I should have remembered her name after all the misery she brought down upon me. But I don't. All I remember was that she was Asian. So I used to sit reading the People Magazine hoping against all negative expectations that I would get somebody different.


I used to try to cut my losses and just ask for a trim. Risking any sort of new wave haircut would bring about certain hair death.

So that was it. It would still come out all screwed up. Money thrown at hair stylists is a crapshoot...pay 'em money to make you look terrible. I need to cut out the middlemen on this one.

Even today, I feel as though there is a big section of my hair that is longer than the rest. Inexplicably so. The guy kept trying to hook me up with some gel too. My hair is so fine (fine...NOT thin) that gel would make me look like an extra from Freaks and Geeks

...and it never never never looks any better.


Today the elevator at my work was broken. I work in an old industrial/loft building in Hell's Kitchen and the elevator has not been renovated or updated. It's painted in this thick yellow-y latex paint and it's got big sliding corrugated doors. Today I found it stuck up about a foot and a half from the fourth floor. (scary)

When I got in the elevator in the afternoon, the mailman was already in it. As you look at the closing doors, there are these cat faces scratched into the paint, using parts of the elevator door. The screws are eyes and each of the cats has a different expression. One of them has a mouth where a thick piece of paint has been knocked loose and then thinly painted over.

They were probably created when someone got stuck in the elevator for hours. All of the other floors of my building are used as artists' studios, so the cats are either the work of a trapped artist or homeless person from under the shed outside.

Today is kind of a waiting day -- one of the first humid/cool fall days here in new york, but it makes me happy and excited. For the first time ever probably, I'm looking forward to fall, even as the sun sets at 5:30. I work across the street from an elementary school and I can see the kids out there playing basketball in the almost dark. Something about the way the tenements look in Hell's Kitchen is better removed from blazing heat.

October 08, 2002

If You Don't Know, You Better Ask Google

Regular ordinary everyday people went looking for the following on Google but instead found themselves lured in by the power of You Know It's True.

boston globe big dig october 7 bridge walk pictures
Jessica Bergsten
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james iha
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Riding Bikes For Fun

I have been riding bikes since I was about 4 years old. I learned how to ride when I was quite young, and I have loved it since then. Over the years, I have had so much fun riding bikes, and I couldn't imagine my life if I had never started riding. When I was a kid, I always had a BMX bike, and I tore around Dedham, Massachusetts like it was my job. That is, until it became my job, then I tore around Dedham delivering papers. Those were good times.

In high school, I let this shady kid named Craig Johnston borrow my bike and I never saw it again. Later, I choked him with my foot in an unrelated incident. He said the bike was stolen from his house, but I am quite certain that he just sold it. He was a real bastard. I started skateboarding a lot.

I was bikeless for a while, really until I started college, then I used a bicycle as my only transportation. That was fun too, I grew to enjoy the terrible Boston weather, challenging myself to ride no matter what the conditions were outside, from high humidity to below freezing, I thought it was pretty sweet ride in all types of weather. Why? I have no idea. I just really like riding bikes, I guess. Toward the end of college, my brother Dan was starting to ride bikes too, BMX bikes mostly. I began to think that maybe I should start riding BMX again. None of my friends rode skateboards anymore, and I wanted to spend time with my younger brother, so about a year after I graduated college, I started riding BMX all the time. I've been doing it for a while now. I have sustained a broken elbow, two broken ribs, a broken toe, a dislocated toe, a bunch of stitches, and many cuts and scrapes. I also, smashed my testes once hard enough to bruise my entire scrote. The thing is, it doesn't matter because riding bikes is so fun that I don't care. Sometimes I take it too seriously, get frustrated, and have to take a step back and remember why I ride bikes in the first place.

If you can, go for a bike ride this week. Even if it's just around the block or something. Especially if its just around the block! That's the best kind of ride you can take. Hit up the coffee shop and just chill in the park with something warm to drink and your bike. Then, ride home when it gets dark out.

October 07, 2002

Rabbits!!! Rabbits!!! Crazed Rabbits!!

I know many of us like animals here. Let's talk about rabbits. Over the history of mankind many people have wanted to be rabbits! Tons of kids want to grow up to be rabbits!! Maybe that's because rabbits are always fun for the whole family, even pets!!

Rabbits come in many sizes and shapes.

You can wear rabbits on your jacket. You can use rabbits in magic!! Some people give rabbits as a fun unexpected gift to others!!

Others like to bring them home for their kids and family.

But sometimes, you have to leave rabbits alone. They might just want to hang around.