September 28, 2002

Don't Sleep On Saturday

Saturday is good. It avoids the foreboding presence of Monday that Sunday has. Once Sunday hits, Monday's not far behind. Saturday gives you the nice buffer day of Sunday in case you feel like you're wasting Saturday.

The Huffer and Field Mouse set out on Saturday to give you more on You Know It's True.

I bought a couple of HTML books in an effort to understand this new foreign language. I tried to add an email link and ended up erasing some template code. Claiming hazardous workplace conditions, the entries of the right column unionized and refused to work until I granted a list of demands. Despite numerous attempts at settlement, the right column refused to show up and work. Our relationship has been forever tainted. The right column has agreed to show up when it damn well feels like it...but it's left a permanent white space above it as a warning against future attempts to break the rank and file.

Field Mouse and I took a bunch of photos to try to augment the visual appeal of this wonderful page. We also took a picture of a tied-up bundle of futon mattress that we're going to send in to a personal web favorite of The Huffer, It's sublime...and very webbish. I love it.

We dined at the Funky Broome, our favorite Chinese restaurant in NYC...although I thought it was a bit off tonight. Maybe I was distracted by the fishtank full of dead fish a few feet away. {shudder}

We saw two notable people today. Vincent Gallo around 6th and Avenue A...and then James Iha around 2nd and 8th later that evening. I told Vincent Gallo that I thought Buffalo '66 was an overrated pretentious piece of crap. We got in a bit of a physical scrap (exchanged bitch slaps back and forth) but it all ended well and we vowed to meet and do it again sometime. After I passed James Iha and pointed him out to the Field Mouse, I forgot his relevance. Then I remembered he gave us his solo album Let It Come Down. And everything was right again.

We stopped and saw Moonlight Mile. Eeehhh...well it's okay. Once you start talking about it, the holes appear larger and larger...and larger. It's probably one of the most disappointing movies I have seen in a long while. It had a lot of potential but comes across as a poor man's version of In the Bedroom and The Graduate...with a dash of Ordinary People and Disorderlies.

Okay...not Disorderlies. Although it might have helped.

That Awkward Stage

Here's my belated introduction. I live in new york city in a small apartment. We have one tree. I would like to save the planet too, but they've cut recycling in new york, so now we have to throw our bottles in the trash. It feels very wrong.

So I've settled for representing tenants in city housing court. Here are some of the housing court judges. Some of the lawyers who represent the landlords have bad accents and big, shiny watches. In court on Wednesday, one of them said to me,

"I can see your hair has reached that awkward stage where you can't wear it down and you can't quite pull it back."

This is my middle-school age fear. Right now, I admit, I do have a super little pony-tail. Probably too little to justify its existence.

But if I didn't wear it in the ponytail . . .

"Hey -- I have a hair appointment scheduled for next week!"

"Well good, because it looks like you almost have a mullet."

how did he know?

Top o' the Day

Greetings all! (Do I have this set up right? Is "Loisaida" someone's nickname? And Andrew, let me guess, your name is Andrew?)
I'll follow Andrew's lead and introduce myself. I live in Minneapolis and still want to save the planet. Last night I played the role-playing game "mafia" for the first time in years (thanks again Field Mouse!), so here's a very weird link you should check out: mafia's top100 -- if you understand it, please pass along your wisdom to yours truly. I think it defaults to russian, but you can select "english version".
Well, that's all for now. Any other motorcyclists out there?
P.S. I can't figure out how to set up a nickname because there's no "template" button above. Help?

September 27, 2002

Who Knew It Was New?

If you look to the right...there is an expanding list of items under the "read/listen/watch" column. The idea behind this is for team members to be able to add what they're reading, watching, or listening to. Basically so you can brag about it, or so we can make fun of you. I mean, Dude, Where's My Car??? What kind of idiot...oh...forget that.

The only catch is that only I can update this list. Sorry...there are limitations to my knowledge/technology at this point. So what I suggest is that you email me your stuff and I'll go ahead and put it up. You can find my email address in the team member section.

As you also may notice, the selections are hyperlinked. I'd like to link the music selections to, but unfortunately that's not possible. Everything there is based on a search engine, so it's impossible to link to exact pages. So, that's why a lot of stuff is going to go to It's not as though I am doing a plug for just seems like a good functional link at this point. You can listen to a bit of the songs and read some reviews. The same goes for books obviously...except there's no listening to the books...unless they're on tape...and who the hell does that?

So for all of you outstanding invitees, sign up to the account and send me your picks.

Also, the site had changed in look since probably you were last here...and it will continue to do so as I get more of an understanding of how the whole thing works. We will soon also be adding photos. Stay tuned.

The Legacy Of Father Judge

After September 11th, the story of Father Mychal Judge really started to take off. He was the FDNY chaplain who was listed by a medical examiner as the first death of 9/11. This story in the NY Times discusses the legacy of Father Judge and how from his death he emerged as a symbolic figure for a wide array of people for different reasons. It's an interesting look into "history" and how people can voluntarily select certain memories about past events or people they've lost. I suppose since "personality" is always interpreted by others, you can never really know how people will remember you.

Well, yeah.

Hello. This is my first post to this blog, so I figure I should give a little background about myself before we get started here. I grew up in a suburb of Boston, MA, where I still live. In a different suburb, yes, but the point is that I have lived in the area for my whole life. It might be time to move, but I'm probably never going to. It's comfortable for me here. I spend a lot of time riding my bike around and trying to have fun. Unfortunately, I usually look around and get bummed out pretty quickly, so sometimes the fun is hard to come by and usually short-lived. I also spend way too much time on the Internerd because I am a social retard. Sometimes I work, too.

Here is a great article I found today via Check out Bill O'Reilly vs. Ludacris.

Next Up For Broomfield...Britney & Justin

So Nick Broomfield is back again. People may or may not remember Broomfield from his bizarre documentary Kurt & Courtney. I saw Kurt & Courtney back when it came out in 1998 in a theatre in Somerville, MA. It was not a defining moment of my life. Courtney Love was hardly in the film and Kurt Cobain was, well Kurt was dead. Anyway, it's basically a documentation of how Courtney's a real crazy bitch. So it wasn't a groundbreaking film. The only thing interesting about it was the discussion of a list Courtney had made of things she needed to accomplish to be famous. One of the things was "become friends with Michael Stipe." And she did. Isn't that crazeeeee? Not that shows you how the highlights were the lowlights.

Broomfield's new documentary is called Biggie & Tupac. It's a love story about two farm girls in Thailand who are forbidden to love but can't quench their undying passion for...No actually, disappointingly's about Biggie and Tupac. Apparently it's lame as well. It probably also has bad timing considering the Los Angeles Times expose that came out a couple of months ago.

Here's's review of it.

All Is Forgiven, The Voices Are Back

So the comments system is up and running again. So try 'em out. They're easy, fun, and they're wiped down with a rag and cleaning solution after each use.

The Huffer was taking in the sounds of the album The Low End Theory by A Tribe Called Quest this morning. As you can tell from the link, it's real big in Providence, RI and Colorado Universities. It's also real popular with me. Who else in their right mind would name check Scott Skiles on a record? I kind of chuckled when Q-Tip castigates MC Hammer for making records for the pop scene. Somebody's got to take Puffy aside and let him know...maybe Hammer.

Speaking of music...there's nothing like rich people whining about how you're stealing money from them. The RIAA is using major label music stars to shame people into not file-sharing music. I think that the debate about intellectual property and file-sharing is very intriguing. There are obviously some compelling moral and utilitarian arguments for and against file-sharing. However, sending people like Eminem, the Dixie Chicks, Elton John, Phil Collins (Phil Collins??) to educate people about the "morality" of file-sharing is quite hilarious. Will Britney pull out a hankie? And in her soft Louisiana accent plead to the audience...

"My true fans would not 'steal' my album. They would go to Sam Goody like everybody else and pay $18.99 for it. Then you should go to my concert and pay $50. And then buy a t-shirt..and then a photo book...and then go see Crossroads"

Heart-wrenching. Really. I want to help Nelly buy some Cristal.

September 26, 2002

Comments Down, Posts Up, That's The Way We Like To...

At this moment, the comments are down. Now I know how IT departments feel. Man, I've been up for less than a week and already we're at DEFCON 5. The server hosting the comments support is giving me the old "this shit cannot be displayed" page.

Almost Friday. Well, it is Friday now. Here's something I've been meaning to blog about...This new NY Times commercial. All the NYC people here know and hate the original for home delivery of the NY Times. Well now they have one for weekly home delivery of the NY Times.

Sample Dialogue:

Guy in Suit Near Breakfast Nook: I like to think of the NY Times as I gift I give to myself every day of the week.

Me: You suck. I hate you. Your gifts suck too. You must hate yourself.

Guy in Suit Near Breakfast Nook: Sure, you might say it's just a newspaper. And I suppose the Grand Canyon is just another hole in the ground?

Me: Where do you live? I am going to hunt you down and beat you senseless with your spring-armed paper towel holder. I will give you this gift every day of the week.

Guy in Suit Near Breakfast Nook: They surround the story. Giving me th...HEY...WHAT THE...

Me in Guy in Suit Near Breakfast Nook's House: Where is it??? Where is it?? Come here...
Here is my first post to this weblog. Indeed, it is my first post to any weblog. Check out this
I rule.

File Under "I Can't Believe This Works"

This Karyn woman here...{shaking my head}...I just can't believe this. I mean...okay. This woman is getting all these people to pay off her $20,000 credit card debt online. And people are doing it...Crazy. Already she has received $11,261.17 from donors. I need a racket like this. Check it out right here.

Maybe there's something to this...bye bye student loans.

September 25, 2002

Late Night MTV Hip-Hop Action

What an unbelievable group of videos tonight on the MTV2.

Protect Ya Neck from Wu-Tang Clan.

This thing looks like it was made on a camcorder or using cable access equipment. At certain points they scroll the rapper's name across the screen using some basic video production. The names are always in neon.


  • The scrolling of "Genius a.k.a. The Jizzah" across the TV screen. Obviously, Genius later took a step back, thought this over...and changed the spelling of his name to "GZA." Smart career move.
  • The Wu rock some serious fades and some bad bad clothing in this joint.

We Want Eazy by Eazy-E.

I mean...this has it all. Dre pumping up the crowd for the ENTIRE RECORD. ("Who'd you come to see?? I can't hear you!! Come on! Come on!") Ice Cube asking if Eazy's repping Compton on this mutha. Eazy mumblin' and stumblin' back and forth through the tune until he gets all frisky and transcends time and space by jumping right out of the Compton jail into a catlike stance on stage in front of screaming Eazy fans.

  • Everybody in the crowd is wearing We Want Eazy t-shirts in crazee horror flick red.
  • Towards the end, Eazy's fourth dimensional jump from movie screen to stage brings about a shower of shattered glass fragments all over the place (?!?)
  • Girl in Crowd: "Eazy, why you wear your pants like that?" Eazy: "Why I wear my pants like this? For Eazy access baby." Yes. Oh yes.
  • Utterly inexplicable appearance of Bootsy Collins at the end shaking hands with Eazy.

What's My Name? by Snoop Doggy Dogg.

I wonder if Snoop is embarrassed about this one. Wow, great acting...especially by the dad. When he gives us "Is that Dogg in there???[pound][pound][pound]" I shake in fear. Snoop rocks the rooftops in the Long Beach heat giving us a bit of deja vu from Deep Cover. Lots of money is spent on morphing technology. Snoop's homeboys Tha Dogg Pound turn into a group of well bred dobermans. For some strange reason, it ends with dogs playing poker.

  • Snoop's Girl: "You know I love you." Snoop: "[pffttt] You don't love me. You just love my Doggystyle." All time best dialogue in a music video. All-time.
  • Snoop and friends rockin' the heavy flannel jogging with a real pack of real doggs.

Politics: Larry Elder Needs To Go To McDonald's

Larry Elder is possibly the dumbest man alive. I mean...what an idiot. A high schooler could win a debate against this fool. It's shit like this that gets me all riled. I mean look at this psycho's Ten Steps To Fix America. I only understand this list if "fix" means "destroy."

Check Yr Grill!!

This has always been one of my favorite sites. An amazing amount of grill work is located at Collect them all!

NHL News: Bure Hurt, But He'll Make It

Bure update right here. Out two weeks at least. Big whoop. Well this is a good place to point out that TSN is a good Canadian sports site. Kind of the Canadian ESPN. Really good hockey coverage.

Politics: Daschle Wants A Throwdown

Oh man...the gloves are OFF. Maybe now we'll get some meaningful debate on this Iraq issue. I love this quote from the story: "U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told reporters in Poland Wednesday that U.S. intelligence has determined there is a link between Iraq and the al Qaeda terrorist network, but he refused to elaborate." Thanks Don...must be some good stuff.

East River Swimming...Yuck

What the hell were these guys thinking? Last time I thought about going for a dip...I didn't think about bathing in the toxicity of the East River. Those are some Williamsburg boys for you. You might need to register with the NY Times for this one.

September 24, 2002

NHL News: Rangers Throw Good Money After Bad, Bruins Throw No Money

And so goes another multimillion dollar NY Rangers season down the tube? Wishful thinking? Probably. But with the Rangers...its bound to happen. I'm sure that newly minted superstar Bobby Holik will pick up the scoring slack. After all he's coming off of a blistering 54 point season winning him the 2001-2002 NHL's Best Naturalized Czech Award!!

As a Bruins fan, I can't say I'm too upset about watching the Rangers flounder. Last year I went to a preseason Bruins-Rangers game where an extremely fat guy in a Richter jersey got all up in my grill after the Rangers scored a goal in the third period. I wanted to remind him that the Rangers hadn't made the playoffs time. And that it was preseason. Nothing better than preseason hockey. Makes me think about the future...Yes...I can see it all now...

Steve Shields winning the Vezina...

Bryan Berard winning the Norris...

Michal Grosek becoming the player he was expected to be...(ummm...memo to Michal...change that photo...pronto. The skater boy look doesn't work for you. I think I saw you in an Avril Lavigne video.)

okay...I can't keep this up. The Bruins suck. The Bruins spendthrift ways may color them geniuses come strike time...but right now, like always, they merely look like cheap SOBs.

Dude, Where's My Taste In Movies??

This morning, while getting ready for work...I happened to come across Dude, Where's My Car?...which for reasons of digital cable I think I have seen 32 times. Anyway, for whatever reason I think I now like the film. It has its moments. Especially when the gay Nordic man says "I will now use the power of the Continum Transformer to banish you to Hoboken, New Jersey!!" That is really quite funny.

Tight Knit Dresses For Loose Mujeres

hellooo - here is my first contribution to the blog. It is a scary vintage knitted dress.

Here is the origin of my blog name.

hmm -- ok I have to go to my first spanish class -

Blogger Pro Phantastic

Oh man...I am quite happy. I have updated to Blogger Pro and my problems with Greenwich Mean Time and other assorted problemos are over. Lameness succeeds here. But anyway, that makes it easier for your team members to do some stuff here. There's more buttons and more options...making it one sleek machine.

So I hope people use it to the fullest. Let me know if you have any interrogatories.

Music: Martsch Solo Release, Interpol, AYWKUBTTOD

Today on Pitchforkmedia they review the new Doug Martsch album, Now You Know. For those of you not in the know, Martsch is the main guy behind the band Built to Spill. So far I've seen pretty lukewarm reviews of this. Music is pretty much DOA these days. I can't think of the last new album I really enjoyed. It could be Turn on the Bright Lights by Interpol, but I still think they're a tad bit overrated. Other than that we might have to go with ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead's Source Tags and Codes which just kicks major ass. Or majorass.

Let's All Go To Greenwich...The Territory

By the way, if you haven't gathered...for some reason we are operating on Greenwich Mean Time here. I can't fix it yet.

Chocoholic at Bleecker and Bowery

New York City fashion/art is always interesting. Today around the corner of Bowery and Bleecker I saw an interesting sight. A woman with electrified blonde hair, really light colored jeans and white Converse leather hi-tops. She had a purse that said "Pot Sex Cash" on it. At the time she was pouring bottle after bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup in front of somebody's door on Bleecker Street.

Now that's strange.

September 23, 2002

You Know You're Right

It's going to take a while for me to really figure this out and make this page look less moronic. Until then, feel free to attempt to post some things here. I'm going to start out with this...a lost Nirvana tune. Surprisingly sounds a lot like what's on the radio these days.

This Is...

This is us starting out. This is us messing up. This is the beginning of this going absolutely nowhere. God help us all.